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Shota BLUE!

Hi! First post here :D I'm sad to say, I'm so bad at sketching, so I always ended up drawing the cartoon version of our dear JE boys. =.= Okay,

I started out wanting to do a sketching of Shota, but failed miserably.. So to console myself, I drew a cartoon-ed Shota to make myself happy. ^o^ And I'd like to share!

Urm, I've got a pretty bad camera(I realized) and I'm too broke to afford a scanner(kidding, it's just dead)...
The stars meant to be all glittery and there are actually 2 shades of blue for the stars... but my friend said she couldn't see. So.. T^T I need a new scanner. ^o^

Oh, actually, you could see some red on the left hand side of the picture.. That's subaru on the next page.. Uncompleted though. :P

I'd love to hear your comments! 
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