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A Community for Art & Johnnnys lover


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Murakami Shingo = My Future Husband XD XD XD [Saturday
01|26|08 at 09:42P]

[ mood | loved ]

I drawed this for my hubby Murakami Shingo <3<3<3. Happy Birthday dear, I love you so much <3<3<3

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Subaru & Lawi chan ^_^ [Friday
01|25|08 at 09:40P]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Happy Birthday Laura !!!!

God Bless You Alwayz!!!

Gomenasai.....coz It doesn't look like you or baru -_-"

I'll try to draw a better one next time ^_^
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[Dou + fanart] Akame/ KAT-TUN [Saturday
01|12|08 at 02:42P]

1. Banners: [4](Yui; Mika; Aoi; KAT-TUN)
2. Akame//KAT-TUN: [2] black&white dou + [2] color dou(fanart)
3. Yui//MikAoi: [2] black&white dou + [3] color fanart

Enjoy :")

Akame's dou+ fanart
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01|02|08 at 08:31P]

I drew a pic of Baryo. I quickly drew it during the holidays and couldn't post it till now. It's in chibi style. I forgot how to draw it chibi like but it slowly came back to me.

You can't really tell who's who. The one that is tied up is Subaru and the one that's winking is Ryo-chan. ^^

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ornament [Thursday
12|20|07 at 05:26P]

[ mood | creative ]

 my EITO-KUN ornament i made for christmas!!

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11|07|07 at 04:18P]

I drew a pic of Ryo-chan. ^.^  It could be found here. It's all because of usagi00chan

I posted this at two other coms....I wonder if that'll annoy people? I hope not.

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Shota BLUE! [Monday
11|05|07 at 02:42P]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi! First post here :D I'm sad to say, I'm so bad at sketching, so I always ended up drawing the cartoon version of our dear JE boys. =.= Okay,

Shota BLUE here!Collapse )
I'd love to hear your comments! 

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JUIPI.❤ [Saturday
11|03|07 at 11:12P]

Hey! I'm new the comm, and I bring Jui/Pi fanart! (Jui as in the Vidoll vocalist Jui, I hope that's okay.) :3


Comments are much appreciated 8D

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Ryo tan Sketch [Saturday
11|03|07 at 09:34P]

[ mood | busy ]

I drawed Ryo tan as his 23th birthday gift ^_^.


I know..it doesn't really look like him...gomen m(_ _)m
I should draw more to improve my drawing skill.

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10|30|07 at 12:51A]

Hi everyone. I just joined and wanted to share this. It's a drawing I drew of Yasu from Kanjani8. ^^ He was so nice. Yasu gave so little trouble drawing him. ^O^

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Ueda Tatsuya [Saturday
10|06|07 at 10:57P]

[ mood | crazy ]

UedI don't know why, suddenly I drawed Tat chan.....Actually I wanted to draw Kanjani8 members XD XD XD.But end up with Tat chan ^_^
Maybe because my mind keep reminding me of  his birthday ne...........Happy Belated Birthday. Thank you for replying my message last time. I won't forget it,although just a sentence ^_^
Wish u always happy & healthy, God Bless U Alwayz ^_^

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My Arashi Sketches [Monday
10|01|07 at 02:36P]

[ mood | bored ]

Aiba Masaki

Sakurai Sho

Matsumoto Jun

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Handmade: Handphone Straps [Sunday
09|30|07 at 12:00A]

Since Usagichan asked me to post this up here, so would I, I hope that you can like these straps I've been working on. :)

OR YOU CAN PRE-ORDER me with any kind of stuffs. (even with the wristband)

**Samples from the previous orders**

(with(*) or single crystal start aka start type1)
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Welcome To Johnnys Fan Art ^_^ [Thursday
09|27|07 at 10:56P]

[ mood | busy ]

It's all about FAN ART of JOHNNYS because I love ART & I love Johnnys ^_^

Those ART including : manga,sketch,painting,calligraphy,music rendition (piano,violin etc),winamp skins,layouts,handmade stuffs etc. 

Sorry  just about ART & about JOHNNYS here

Ok I'm suck about lay out.......I hope minna san wanna help me about this & I really need your opinion about its layout also about this new communty

Enjoy posting here ^_^

Remember to put tags like : sketch,kanjani8 

Thank you for all you support ^_^


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